Alfa Sports Sedan

I worked for the team in 1991-92, team owner Basil Ricciardello, Driver was Brian Smith.
The Alfa was still in construction and my job was to move from the 2D Motec to a 3D Motec system for better engine management control, When we started we had 550HP and when it was tuned we achived 630HP.
The car hasnt changed much over its life just evolved and has become one of the best sports sedans in Australian History, with Tony Ricardello at the Wheel.

Computer Controlled Management Systems have evolved a lot since the late 80's, when the first after market systems hit the market, we were also involved with Haltech in the early days when Mark first founded Haltech, we tested there Fuel only (F3) and ignition only (IG4) at the same time on a Mitsi VR4 Group A Rally Car.(Eric Pietila) giving us the ultimate tuneabilty at the time.
These days tuning is a made a lot easyer, with all the data avalible, Wideband Air Fuel Ratio, closed loop, injector scaling, etc.
Here's a video of a Tuned OEM factory Computer, Ford BF XR6 Turbo on the Dyno.